white sleigh cot bed White sleigh cot bed
cot bed variable height

Cut out all your pieces as directed in the cut list. Make sure your plywood or MDF pieces are perfectly square. When fastening, you can use 2" nails or 2" screws, unless otherwise directed. Remeber, you need to make 3 benches. Fits a standard Queen Mattress Cut List: Back and Sides of Bench.

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  • Fasten the back shown in blue, piece A to the sides shown in green, pieces B as shown above. Do this for all 3 benches. Fasten the top of the bench, C shown in purple above by nailing or screwing through the top of C into the ends of A and B shown in blue and green above. Do this for all three benches. Fasten the cubby divider, E, as shown above in green. Use the above measurements to guide you. Make sure you nail through the top, bottom and back into the edges of E. Trim Out of the Bench Front.

    Begin by nailing F in place shown in green above. Keep all outside edges flush. Then nail G shown in purple above in place as shwown above, keeping outside edges flush. Finally, nail H shown in blue in place.

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  • Center the middle trim H on the vertical divider. For the outside trim H, keep outside edges flush. Use the measurements above to guide you. Trimming out the sides of the foot bench. Arrange the 3 benches as shown above. For the foot bench, you will need to trim out both ends as shown above.

    white sleigh cot bed White sleigh cot bed

    Do this for only 1 of the benches. Start by fastening I in place shown in green. Then fasten J in place shown in pink. Then fasten K in place shown in purple. Finally, fasten L in place shown in blue.

    Keep outside edges flush.

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  • Still use the longer nails or screws when fastening into the end edges of boards. Start with boards M, shown above in blue. Mark out the placement of all the joist first shown in green above. Then add the joists, N, shown in green above.

    Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Trim Out of the Bench Front.

    Predrill and secure the spacer in place, using 2" screws. Follow the measurements and instructions above. You may wish to assemble the bed in the room Step 8 Instructions: You may wish to sand and paint or stain the bed first, then move into your room, and then fully assemble.

    I recommend doing a test assembly first.

    Back and Sides of Bench. It was a tough act to follow but we were just as pleased with this one. Please note that our liability under this warranty is limited to the repair obligations set out below.

    Add the plywood to the top of the spacer, as shown above. There is no way around a certain amount of scraps. You can use them to build drawers.

    white sleigh cot bed White sleigh cot bed

    If you want to save a little more money, and buy one less sheet of plywood, just cut the top of the spacer from the scraps. Cut 1 scrap at 47" x20" and the other at 13 x 20". Screw to the the top of the spacer so that the plywood seam is centered on the spacer joist.



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