cot bed oak furniture land Cot bed oak furniture land

Read our take on the story here Oak Furniture Land, the biggest retailer of Solid Hardwood in the country and OAKEA's biggest and most powerful competitor, was being grilled by the BBC programme Watchdog this evening for supplying people damaged furniture and then allegedly refusing to replace it, but insisting on repairing it instead.

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  • Watchdog claimed to have records of some people having reported this poor practice. Whilst we don't at all agree with Oak Furniture Land 's way to deal with the complaints, as it was presented on Watchdog, we at OAKEA feel that the real issue here wasn't mentioned, although it is highly relevant to anyone who is looking to buy wooden furniture in general, and Solid Oak Furniture in particular.

    You would think it had all been made as one set. This competition is promoted by Oak Furniture Land, who are responsible for fulfilment of the prize. These pieces will last for generations, both due to the classic design and the high quality of craftsmanship.

    The real issue is this: But it doesn't ensure the best quality. And it does create more disappointed customers than necessary. Of course it's tempting to just watch and smirk, as our large and powerful competitor is being accused - on national TV - of providing an awful quality and unethical service leaving their customers with stress, frustration and out of pocket.

    The standard of the furniture is consistent with the price. In choosing sleigh bed oak on your residence requires a proper plan and reference.

    However, we believe that there is much more to this story, and that the negative characterization of Oak Furniture Land 's quality was rather unfair. Oak Furniture Land was established around the same time as OAKEA - applying the same business model which is to source direct from the factories, with no middlemen and therefore being able to specify own designs and materials whilst minimizing costs. They are at once a source of frustration, admiration and inspiration for what they have achieved in business terms.

    Because that's their Unique Selling Point - the key statement in all their marketing. And seen from inside the industry it seems reasonable to assume that they refuse to replace 'faulty' furniture because - being experts in Solid Hardwood - they don't consider the unavoidable cracks, shrinkage and other imperfections as faults. And let's be fair: But clearly they can't say that in public, let alone on Watchdog. Fact is that not all people are experts in wood and many people are buying on the belief that Solid Oak Furniture is better quality than furniture which has veneered components in it, and they expect perfection when buying solid when actually what they get is more IMperfection.

    At OAKEA we specify the best possible material for each component considering durability, strength, aesthetics, customer satisfaction and — of course — price.

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  • So on that basis we do specify some of the components as veneered fibreboard. And this has nothing to do with price or cost. It really doesn't save a lot, if anything. We can source the same furniture made entirely of solid wood for the same cost as when some components are made of veneered fibreboard.

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    Make an educated choice. Buy Solid if you want all the character that comes with it - small cracks, shrinkage, warping, twisting. If you think this is desirable character in the furniture, Oak Furniture Land is right for you. Henrik Pontoppidan Managing Director.

    cot bed oak furniture land Cot bed oak furniture land



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