mothercare jersey fitted cot bed sheets Mothercare jersey fitted cot bed sheets
Natural products are made without the use of toxins and harmful chemicals, creating a pure and healthy environment for your child. Seriously, if you're looking for UK nursery products, maternity wear - or even pregnancy information etc - go to Mothercare UK, it's a no-brainer!

Emma Paton Yes that's right it's a box for your baby. The babybox is a cardboard box designed for your newborn baby to sleep in! The box replaces the need for a traditional Moses basket or cot for the first 6 months or so of your babies life.

Sounds a bit bonkers but actually it's an idea thats been around for a long time. It's like a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed and then as it outgrows it, storage. Some say it has helped Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

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The UK had even been giving some baby boxes away on the NHS to help promote and encourage the use of them. It is thought the small size of the box prevents babies from rolling onto their stomachs, which experts believe can contribute to sudden infant death syndrome. Created exclusively for Mothercare, it's gender neutral and I love the colourful design.

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  • I recently attended the press day for it so got to see it properly and fell in love with what a great idea it is. The babybox is packed full of newborn essentials from mothercare and is also an ideal secondary sleep space for babies at nap time, making it the perfect gift for new parents.

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  • In fact this is what I love. I think it is the perfect newborn or baby shower gift and one I wish I had used when my kids were babies and one I will definitely get for expectant friends going forward, especially if a few of you group together to cover the cost. They recommend only using the babybox until your baby can kneel, sit or pull itself up or has reached 20lbs.

    mothercare jersey fitted cot bed sheets Mothercare jersey fitted cot bed sheets

    Also that you stop using the babybox when the clearance within the sleeping space on either end of the infant becomes less than 10cm. It has handles on the side so can easily be moved around from room to room like a traditional Moses basket.

    I also like how it can become a keepsake basket or storage for clothes after the baby has outgrown it. The babybox is filled with essential items from mothercare such as Water Wipes and crib sheets as well as sleep suits, muslins and a crib blanket.

    mothercare jersey fitted cot bed sheets Mothercare jersey fitted cot bed sheets

    The cover is washable at 60 degrees and quick drying. The 3D spacer technology in the fabric means that airflow can move from side to side and up and down, providing extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort for your baby. The box includes tips for safe sleeping.



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