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But later on, I found out that the best waterproof mattress protectors in India made of comfy, soft cotton fabrics, and not slippery, rough rubber sheets. Even if she would perspire a little, cotton would absorb that sweat. Polyester is one of the synthetic fabrics that emits out the least amount of toxic chemicals.

Means cotton has been blended mixedly woven with polyester. Both the cotton and polyester has been used in equal proportions, i. Hence, none of the two fabrics are dominating each other. You can machine wash it. Before putting a new mattress protector into use, consider washing it. This is for softening and removing packaging dust from it. Also, wash the mattress protector at regular intervals, keep it clean.

Be it any baby bed mattress protector, including Mother Care Anti-Allergic Mattress Protecting sheet, they all can be machine washed.

Would you recommend this to other mums? It comes complete with a mattress, making it more affordable. I found the Jamestown cotbed on the Mothercare website.

Cleaning must be done with a mild detergent. Soon as you finish tumble drying, hang out the mattress protector outside, Sundry for hrs and then under shades preferably. I used it until my kids were completely toilet trained. Fluffy Padding for Peaceful Sleep Remember, the slipperiness of rubber sheets is not its softness. Mother Care Cotton Mix Mattress protecting sheet is quilted. This means the padding done inside the sheet has been locked in their places, by tightly stitching the top and bottom layers of mattress together, in some specific design.

The bigger quilts designs means the softer mattress protector would be. And for this, her bedding stuff should be moderately soft.

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  • Calm Sleep means a Healthy Baby The main purpose of mattress protecting sheets is to protect us from various germs, dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens ,etc. That imbibes deep inside uncovered mattresses. The same bacteria and fungi can cause skin itchiness, body rashes, and other such respiratory and skin allergies! This is why you need shielding bed mattress covers.

    Go for such mattresses that are made of natural and less toxic fabrics like cotton and polyester. Same goes with mattress protecting covers.

    No Leak and Spill-proof When it rains have you ever seen your raincoat absorbing rainwater? As on moist damp mattresses only, the molds, fungi and, bacteria population gets multiplied faster. All-season Baby Mattress Cover Cotton is an all-season fabric because of its natural fibers.

    This keeps cotton breathable and fresh for a long time. Since it weighs light, you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. How to Toilet Train Baby at Night?: For just that one time making baby wear diaper whole night, is it right? One more reason to avoid diapers after they turn 1 year old is the rashes!

    With plastic sleeping sheets, you might be finding baby diaper pants best for use at night.

    mothercare cot bed india Mothercare cot bed india

    But at night time, when your baby would probably sleep for long hours, you should not let make her wear those thick, stuffy diapers. With elastic pant style diapers, this vapor finds no room to escape. Due to this only, your baby might get night diaper rashes or common cold , in other cases. Though in cotton nappies, the baby soon realizes what she has done. But this time… You will just have to remove the wet mattress pad and change her pants. You sleep on it just for an hour, your back will sweat and your skin will not be able to breath.

    Making baby sleep on it that too in India, for hours is not at all recommended. If you have to use them then you should use layers of cotton cloth layers.

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  • Your baby is a more sensitive human being than you. When you yourself sleep on cotton mattress covers, then how can you make your baby sleep on plastic mattress covering sheets? Since I recommended you to buy 2 sheets; I know you would think it to be costly.



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