detachable child cot Detachable child cot

How to buy the best cot mattress for you What cot mattress material should I choose?

detachable child cot Detachable child cot

Other than price, the material will be your main consideration when choosing a cot mattress. As with adult mattresses, they come in a variety of materials, each with their own advantages.

EU to set new safety standards for sleeping products for newborns and young children New safety standards for children's sleeping items - including duvets, baby sleeping bags and cot mattresses - which should help to prevent many cot —related accidents, were given a green light today by EU Member States. This is such a difficult question as I really can't think of anything that you could do to improve on the design of this product. Next2Me helped me rest when recovering after labour as i didn't have to get out of bed to feed or comfort baby.

The main choices are as follows: Foam — lightweight and easy to clean, foam mattresses are generally good value for money. That said, foam mattresses can lose their shape quicker than other mattress types, so are less suitable if you plan to use your cot for an extended period. Coil spring — a little more expensive and sturdier than a pure foam mattress, coil spring mattresses are like the traditional spring mattress you may have on your own bed.

These mattresses usually hold their shape for longer, while the space between the springs allows air to flow more freely, keeping your baby cool in hot weather. Because of the price, this kind of mattress is probably best suited to a larger cot bed that your baby will sleep in for several years. Natural fibre — wool, coir coconut fibre and bamboo are typical materials used in natural fibre mattresses, which often also contain latex.

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Natural fibres are breathable and comfortable, making them a popular choice with eco-minded parents who may wish to avoid synthetic chemicals and plastic processing. Hypoallergenic mattresses — if your baby has been diagnosed with allergies or asthma or is at risk owing to asthma or allergies in the family , a hypoallergenic mattress is a great idea.

Hypoallergenic mattresses may be made of any of the above materials, including natural fibres. The detachable layer adds a few pounds to the price but if allergies are a concern the resulting washability is invaluable.

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  • Cot mattresses may also combine the above materials: Other handy features to look out for are removable covers or panels for easy washing and ventilation holes in the foam or a good airflow between springs to keep the mattress fresh. What size cot mattress do I need? The standard UK size for cot mattresses is 60 x cm, but if you have purchased or inherited a cot from the US or elsewhere, check the mattress size required before purchasing. Cribs, co-sleepers and Moses baskets for younger babies all require smaller mattresses designed for that purpose, so again check the size before you buy.

    If you wish, you can collect your order from our warehouse in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK but please call first to let us know. If out of hours you can leave a message on our answerphone.

    Most cot mattress manufacturers will also sell mattresses in smaller sizes for these uses, and larger versions for use in cot beds. What are the cot mattress safety guidelines?

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  • For more advice on infant sleep safety, see lullabytrust. The best cot mattresses you can buy in 1. The best for eco-conscious babies and parents Price: This bestselling mattress is made of a supportive core of coconut fibre with wool and natural latex comfort and a quilted cotton cover.

    detachable child cot Detachable child cot

    If you want to go large on going green, a range of crib and carrycot mattresses and accessories is also available. Key specs — Size:



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