cot toddler bed australia Cot toddler bed australia

We specify that all wood used must be from a renewable resource. Is Tasman Eco Australian owned and operated? Where are the products made? Our products are manufactured in China. Do Tasman Eco mattresses meet the Australian Standards? We follow and meet the European Standards for mattresses. Do Tasman Eco sell spare parts?

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  • Spare parts can be purchased through our customer service department. Our team will provide you with a costing and invoice. Payment fr your spare parts is to be completed via direct transfer. Where do I find the product weight? What size is the change mat that is required for the change table? There are a range of colours, these colours vary with each collection and product.

    Do the bed rails come with the cot? At Tasman Eco, we previously had bed rails available to purchase to convert the cot to a toddler bed, these have now been discontinued.

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    Our bed rails were made purely for structural purposes, however if you leave the fixed side on your cot, structurally you do not need the bed rails. Do you sell directly to the public? We only sell our product direct to retailers. Do the cots meet Australian Standards? Additionally, our cots meet European standards.

    The Siena cot is recommended by Choice Magazine. Can we buy the stain used on the products in Australia from Tasman Eco? The stains we use are not available directly from us because of how it dries. The stain itself is not available in Australia. If wanting to purchase the stain, we reccommend to take part of the cot down to a hardware or paint store and have it colour matched. How long is the warranty? Warranty is between years, depending on the product purchased.

    Are the stains on the products non toxic? Where does the chest top changer fit? The chest top changer fits on top of both the 4 drawer and 6 drawer chests.

    cot toddler bed australia Cot toddler bed australia

    How many shelves come with the bookcase? There are 4 shelves that come with the bookcase. Which side of the mattress is the top? The top of the mattress is on the side of the label, the label should face upwards in the cot.

    How much weight can the product withstand? For our cots and change tables, for safety purposes, it is recommended that only the weight of the child is used on the cot and change table.

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  • Can a baby easily roll out of the change table? The change table has two side panels protecting the baby from rolling off. The chest top changer also has the same safety design.

    The toddler died from positional asphyxiation because the rails of the bed were too wide and the toddlers head became stuck. Lovely look to the cot and the added safety feature of no drop down side is reassuring.

    It is advised that the child is supervised at all times when on the change table and chest top changer. Does the cot have two base settings? Yes, it has a newborn higher and toddler lowest setting for the mattress, to prevent toddlers from climbing out of the cot. In the Tasman Eco mattresses, is the latex natural or manmade? The latex used in Tasman Eco mattresses is natural. Are there any chemicals in the mattress?

    Independent testing by SGS Group a certification and testing company has confirmed the absence of any toxic or allergenic substances in the Tasman Eco mattresses. Do the drawers come out of the chest? You may need to lift the drawer upwards before pulling out completely. This is a safety feature, to prevent children from pulling the drawers out on top of themself.

    We also go further by very carefully reviewing all of our baby furniture before we offer it for sale. Please click on the link for further details on the mattresses.

    Expert Assembly Service Tasman Eco is pleased to announce a furniture assembly service available in the metropolitan area. It's a great way to enjoy the benefits of your furniture with a minimum of fuss.

    cot toddler bed australia Cot toddler bed australia

    And you know the assembly will be done right - in fact, we guarantee it. If there is any damage resulting from our assembly service - it's automatically our responsibility. Service is prompt, reliable, and friendly. It is also provided at a very reasonable price.

    Our Promise to you We have built our business on providing superior customer service which we believe is unmatched in the marketplace. All our products are backed by a 5 year warranty.



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