metal cot bed frame Metal cot bed frame

At his doctor's suggestion he takes cruise to recuperate and returns with a new bride, Eleanore. Eleanore brings her three offspring to live at the Blackwood house located outside of Richmond, Virginia and then plots to get rid of her new stepdaughter--one way or another. Her lies and deception cause Dillon to severely beat Katherine.

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Then the stepchildren plan to play nasty sexual games with Katherine while her father's away. Fearing for her life, Katherine calls her brother, Devin who quickly comes to her rescue. In Texas, Katherine quickly substitutes Frank Dailey for her father. However, Frank's feelings are anything but fatherly.

Blake Dailey retires from being a professional hired killer hit man and returns home. Blake immediately detects his father's true feelings for Katherine.

metal cot bed frame Metal cot bed frame

Blake figures she's a gold digger after his father's money so he decides to court her to prove her a phony. This plan backfires when Blake falls for her. Refusing one last hit, Blake discovers Dillon Blackwood is the intended target.

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  • Blake wants to visit Katherine's father under the premise of asking for her hand, while actually trying to determine who ordered the hit and stop it. Things immediately go bad in Virginia when Katherine is kidnapped to get her father to where the 'accident' can happen. Back in Texas, Kyle Franks youngest son finds out about Blake's past when an old acquaintance of Blakes' visits to see if Blake took a hit he refused. After hearing the Blackwood name and the state of Virginia, Kyle goes to Devin and his father.

    Frank assumes Blake plans to kill Dillon and possibly even Katherine to keep her from marrying him. In Virginia, things get worse, even after Blake's rescue of Katherine and her father.

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    Frank is enraged to learn his oldest son is a cold-blooded murderer and Katherine's father insists she have nothing more to do with Blake. Katherine returns with Devin to Texas after Blake promises to come for her. Back in Texas, Frank proposes to Katherine. She refuses and tells him that she's in love with Blake.

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  • Blake arrives and they flee to Utah. Devin calls and says Kyle left to search for them. Unfortunately, Blake's old boss has now put out an open contract on Blake. Blake threatens his old boss with a horrible death and a deal is struck—Blake will make one more hit on the man's rival. On their way back to Texas after the job, Kyle takes a bullet meant for Katherine. This forces Blake to return home with Kyle's body to face his father.

    Frank's hatred for Blake surges out of control. He's lost Katherine and now Kyle—because of Blake. Uncontrollably enraged, Frank suffers a massive stroke. Although Katherine and Blake are secretly married, because of her tender care, Frank thinks she's secretly in love with him. When Katherine discovers she's pregnant, she tells Frank hoping this will bring father and son together.

    What size is a King bed? Uncontrollably enraged, Frank suffers a massive stroke. More Designs Stands We make complete range of Open and enclosed display stands.

    In a fit of rage, Frank screams that he hopes the child dies. Two days later, a fall down the stairs causes a miscarriage. Blake then hires Frank's physical therapist, Terry as a housekeeper because Katherine's fall will keep her bedridden for a while. Frank marries Terry and spending his money like there's no tomorrow. Blake ends up using his money to keep the family ranch in the family. An attempt on Blake's life sends them again fleeing to Utah so Blake can recover.

    metal cot bed frame Metal cot bed frame

    The assassin finds them and Katherine is forced to kill him to save Blake's life. Again pregnant, they return to Texas to finish their dream home and raise the child Katherine is now carrying. When Frank's money is gone—so is Terry. Blake begins to wonder if his life is a contract living on borrowed time.



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