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Like us for all the latest news. Working visit 47 Arrived just before ten and got on with scraping down the roof sticks in the brake compartment of which there are five in total. Allan stuck at this task most of the day and managed to finish two and part scrape the other three.

Meanwhile, Dave stuck resolutely to his self allotted task of removing countless nails and studiously ignored John's entreaties to block up a windowless quarter-light and a drop-lightless door. During its time as a dwelling, thin strips of fabric most probably curtain material had been nailed around all the doors in an effort to keep out unwanted Welsh draughts and it is the tacks that held this fabric in place the Dave is trying to remove with varying degrees of success.

All three of us mucked in to remove door A.

cot bed bolts b&q Cot bed bolts b&q

He was later joined by Ian Salisbury Elsecar member who seems to get great satisfaction and joy out of scraping down doors. Allan helped John to extract the drop-light with the aid of a tongue and groove off-cut and a rubber mallet - a job that was far more resistant to our efforts than it sounds in the telling. John then proceeded to strip down the door by removing numerous brass screws and taking off various bits of moulding, match boarding and the garnish rail. This brings to nine the number of doors we have removed to date and A.

Underneath all that paint it is almost in pristine condition, even the drop-light appears to be about the best we have encountered so far. Next working visit will be Tuesday 18th March. Working visit 46 On the face of it, last Tuesday was one of our better days with some real solid progress being made.

Arrived around the usual time of 10 o'clock with John Wrigley riding shotgun. Harry Stenton on site taking tubes out of the 'Mardy Monster'. No Dave Yates this time as he other commitments to attend to. John W and Allan made a start by taking off door B7 and set it up in the brake comp for John B to get on with when he arrived an hour later.

Allan took the opportunity to finish scraping down the roof boards while the brake comp was vacant and let out a thankful cheer when the job was completed, well, not quite, as the roof sticks still need to be finished off before he can say "job done".

John W meanwhile was put to power sanding down the roof boards and roof sticks in the extended comp C.

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  • While we were thus engaged, John B arrived and set about scraping down door B7. At some point in the distant past a hole had been bored in the lower panel of the door for a pipe or an electric cable, so John B cleaned up the hole and made and glued in a teak plug which to the untrained eye could well pass as a knot! John W having sanded down the roof boards started scraping down the match boarding in comp C which Allan had abandoned in the autumn in favour of the roof boarding.

    Being a young man, John's work rate was most impressive as he managed to scrape down an area of approx 12 square feet in a relatively short time before finishing off with the power sander.

    Having vacated the brake comp Allan carefully took off the beading around of a broken widow to the right of door B2. The glass was then eased out with the help of John W wielding a rubber mallet from the inside of the coach. Once this was removed, the gasket and solidified mastic in the rebate was cleaned out with hammer and chisel in readiness for a replacement quarter-light. A little more scraping was done around the window before refitting door B7 and heading for home.

    Next working visit will be on Tuesday 11th March. Join us if you can. Working visit 45 After a fortnight's hiatus it was good to be back at Elsecar.

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    We had a good turn out, with John, Dave, Mike and Allan making up the team. Allan arrived first and got on with scraping down the ceiling boards in the brake comp before being turfed out for getting in the way yet again; If you recall from the last report, he had about 15 square feet to go at and managed just over half that before the door gang took over.

    The door in question was B. Once supported on the workmate and the saw horse it was set upon with some gusto by John and Mike with some equally industrious assistance from Ian Salisbury in the afternoon. Allan retreated to our dining area and continued scraping down around the quarter-light on either side of B. As it was quite pleasant outside, the door gang re-located to the picnic table which allowed him to go back to the roof boards. Dinnertime saw the arrival of John Wrigley where conversation centred around the P.

    Afterwards he continued to assemble a structure which started life as a bunk bed. It now has a worktop with shelving underneath transported that very morning by Dot's Taxi Service. Dave suggested that it could be used as a counter in the guards comp but what he has is mind to sell we know not.

    Could it be some sort of waterproof garments or number 1 splash guards perhaps? However, once this interesting erection was assembled to Dave's satisfaction he reverted back to his more mundane nail extracting business. Being half term, a good few folks were knocking about around the station so Allan spent quite some time in his ambassadorial mode. Visitors were by and large young mothers with small children in tow. One little chap was full of questions about the engines and carriages and wanted to know the whereabouts of Thomas and Percy!

    Further donations to help with the cost of installation are very welcome. We were resting it on a combination of a cupboard and a dustbin so we could do some work on it without undue difficulty. Once all was loaded to the belt, I could do one of 2 things.

    He and his mum were well impressed with the 'Earl of Stafford' which has just been out-shopped in her new blue N. It is important to show interest and spend some time with people who may be a little disappointed that no trains are running.

    Hopefully, they left contented and with intentions to return at a later date. Late in the day the door gang took the match boarding off B. Could they be Rubies? We should be so lucky! Next working visit Tuesday 4th March.

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  • Working visit 44 What an awful morning, with heavy rain and snow falling. To begin with, door G. This done, Allan assisted him to remove the fixed droplight frame by unscrewing the mouldings that held it in place. Great care must be taken so as not to spoil the screwdriver slot on the brass screws holding in the mouldings otherwise the task becomes that much more difficult.

    Allan left John to carry on scraping down the freed-up droplight and the door rebate and returned to scraping down the roof boards. By sticking at it, he managed another 16 square feet or so, leaving approximately the same amount to do on the next visit.

    John took things as far as he could with the door without taking it off its hinges yet again and started scraping down the end and side walls in the brake comp. Once all this scraping down has been done, we can power sand, fill in all the nail holes, prime, undercoat and gloss paint. The final colour according to extensive and authoritative notes by the late Guy Hemmingway being cream. Having tired of scraping down the roof boards Allan did a little scraping above B.

    We looked in on the joiners working on the CCT who were taking down the ceiling. Speaking of Goathland, a working party appears to be in the offing for Saturday 1st March so this may be a good time to say that more volunteers are needed up there. If you have not yet visited our rolling stock this is a good opportunity to come along and see what needs to be done and become involved in some way either on or off site. Please contact us to confirm date and times. Next working visit to Elsecar 25th February.

    Working visit 43 Last Friday was near enough the 1st anniversary of No. A condensed progress report charting our work will be prepared in the next few weeks for inclusion in the spring newsletter. Dave reported back for duty and it was just him and Allan this time as John had another engagement. Having the brake comp to himself, Allan concentrated the day's efforts on scraping down the roof boards and was mightily pleased if somewhat shattered with the progress made. To better understand the scale of the job, the ceiling area of the brake comp is approximately 72 square feet and by the end of the day roughly 40 square feet has been done.

    This figure should take into account what was done in the previous two visits, although last week's efforts were somewhat minuscule. It should also be remembered that all this work is being done with a scraper that is barely 20 mm wide.

    Dave meanwhile assembled a timber frame made of an exotic hardwood of some description that he had brought from home. This sturdy construction is to serve as a temporary bench until such time as it is required for rebuilding the missing section of body framing. The exercise also offered the opportunity to tidy up the end of the coach which was getting a bit piggy. We travel with hope if nothing else!

    cot bed bolts b&q Cot bed bolts b&q

    Finally Dave got back to his nail extracting business and managed another 16 before home time. Next workday is Tuesday 11th Feb, subject as always to the weather. We have requested that refreshments be made available including tea and coffee for which a small charge may be asked for. To make it more of an enjoyable occasion we are hoping to make coach No. Don't forget, there is plenty to see and do at the Elsecar Heritage Centre and Railway, so why not make it a day friends and other family members can enjoy as well.

    We know this is a little far for our East Yorkshire members so perhaps we can balance this up next year by having it somewhere in the Hull area.

    Working visit 42 We arrived just on ten to find Luke Booth unlocking the main gates. Luke is the young man who is dismantling the coal wagon referred to in an earlier report and it was quite fortuitous that we met up with him as Allan had some paperwork for him.

    Hopefully, this will encourage if not directly help with the rebuilding programme. Stuart and Allan found time for a chat about the wagon with Luke and also spoke to Del Tillings about the GUV being refurbished and used as a museum dedicated to the life and times of Elsecar and Cortonwood collieries.

    Once John had arrived at around eleven we made a belated start by taking off door G9. Allan had made a start on scraping down the roof boards in the brake comp but had to clear out as he was getting in the way. John and Stuart spent the rest of the day scraping down the door on either side and trying the take out the fixed droplight. In the event, the brass screws holding in the mouldings proved extremely difficult to extract and unfortunately a number broke off. At least we were snug and dry inside as the wind pushed and pulled at the tarpaulin and the rain battered down.

    What an awful day it turned out to be! Working visit 41 Life is busy at the moment - what with membership renewals coming in almost daily. If we have yet to acknowledge your subscription or donation, then please be patient as we work through the backlog that has developed. The good progress has been maintained and together John and Allan put in the forward guard's lookout ducket window.

    So full of confidence were we after putting in the second new quarter-light last week in little over 30 minutes that we decided to time our efforts and see if we could beat it. In the event we failed miserably and the job took about an hour and 15 minutes - start to finish.

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