camping cot bed bath and beyond Camping cot bed bath and beyond

You buy it, use it and then, you sleaze, It goes right back. Adult-up and get some class, You cheap mofo! Money June 20, at 6: I think you need to blog about it and see if you can land a record deal.

Maybe a week old couch that didnt fit the color scheme of the room or wasnt as comfy as hoped. That said, the stores set their return policies and obviously do so knowing some may abuse them.

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  • Apparently she was getting new sheets, towels, dishes every 6 months, returning the old for whatever reason and buying new ones. Money June 15, at 2: Reply 21 Ali June 15, at 7: They sell high end exercise clothing and swimwear, and part of their business model is that their stuff is so good, nobody will want to return it, so they allow you to return anything at any time for any reason. I tried the bathing suit on before i bought it, and it fit great, but once I swam in it, it began riding up in an uncomfortable way.

    I knew I was never going to wear it again, so I took advantage of their return policy. These policies are great for that! Reply 23 Amanda June 15, at 3: I returned a sweater to LandsEnd after it had been worn twice and developed a hole in the arm pit. I did not get the expected use out of the item. I also purchased another sweater from LandsEnd because I imagined I just got the one off bad sweater. You are literally the first person in two years to mention it since I first installed it: But sorry it annoyed you — def.

    This confirmed to me that repeating the process really does yield the best results, if you have the patience for that! He can play bridge with the best.

    Reply 27 Adam June 15, at I hate that, you end up with 10 articles open and the same damn popup on every one. Now, if only there was a way to make it recognise when someone is already on the mailing list! Reply 28 Jen June 15, at 7: A store that does not make enough profits cuts labor or raises prices. Not enough labor and people lose jobs.

    Yes, I know this oversimplified, but the general principle is there. I have read stories of people returning year old TVs to get upgrade to the latest model for free before they changed the policy on TVs and electronics.

    We bought a brand new bike for my wife that cost hundreds of dollars as she has always wanted to learn to bike. If we can find the receipt now required , we will probably eventually return it when we have time. Too busy to make returns most of the time these days. Reply 31 Aaron June 15, at 8: She was pretty unsure about whether it was right to return them or not. To her surprise, they took them, no questions. I think this really depends on the store policy.

    Some — like Costco — are quite liberal in their returns. Reply 32 Heather M June 15, at 8: SSC June 15, at 8: Like your reader said, Ethical, no, but within the rules…. He was interning for 3 months, and wanted a boat to fish. He said he beat the heck out of it all summer, and then returned it for full price before heading back. Reply 34 E June 15, at 9: Those of us who purchase things and decide to sell them or donate them after we no longer need them are basically paying a higher price because other people use retail items like a library book.

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    How strange — I had no idea people did this. SSC June 15, at 3: So, I put it on a credit card, and then got it refunded to the card when I returned it at the end of the month. Reply 36 Paul June 15, at 8: Shoot I returned a lawn mower lift after I got done using it to replace my drive belt.

    This stuff is already built into the price you pay. Any arguments against using a legitimate return policy are therefore null. When too many people take advantage of return policies it forces stores to tighten up their return policy. Reply 41 BeachMama June 15, at 8: Not cool — unless the item is legitimately defective.

    Prob happens in all salesy positions: He was never asked questions but if you ask me that was pretty disgusting.

    The day will come when the younger generation will be incredulous that we once washed sheets! Float a drift boat or wade these famous waters and have tales to spin for a lifetime. The regiment transported its camp in trucks.

    I asked him if he ever felt bad and he said he was doing nothing wrong so what is there to feel bad about? While true I believe you should only return items if they are defective otherwise you are just being a scam. Reply 44 James June 15, at 9: I bought an LED light bulb for instance, that only lasted a year.

    I also returned a sweater I wore once and washed because the arm seams started coming apart after that one wash. I loved the sweater too, but a big hole on my forearm for a sweater I had only washed once was not normal-wear-and-tear. I also returned a wireless router I bought online to a store that was acting faulty. That is pretty messed up for people to return shoes after 10 years of use. There is right, and there is wrong.

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  • Reply 48 Lisa O June 15, at I will also return used items if they do not live up to what they were sold to be used for. As a former small retail business owner, I can tell you returns hurt…everyone.

    It hurts businesses and everyone they support: Oh, AND other shoppers. The costs have to be absorbed somewhere.

    They get built into the prices of what you buy, pulled out of potential pay increases for deserving employees and in a reduction of breadth and depth of products and services offered. It ends up sucking for everyone. Follow your moral compass and values instead. We had a video baby monitor that was a couple of years old.

    camping cot bed bath and beyond Camping cot bed bath and beyond

    We went on vacation at a rental house and decided to take it with us. We unplugged and packed up all the components, and when we set it up and went to plug it in, the power receptacle in the charging station broke.

    This is something that had maybe been plugged and unplugged a few times, at most, so even though it was two years old, we returned it because we felt this was something that should have lasted beyond what it did. Reply 53 jestjack June 15, at My most similar experience came from Aldi. This year I saw them again and the manager mentioned they just came in.

    He asked if I had the original box…. I returned them the following week and got a new set of lights…. And great point about PR and especially bad PR with social media these days. Reply 55 Lisa O June 16, at 9: I bought a box of ice cream cones and when I opened them 3 weeks after buying them with no receipt….

    I thought oh well my loss.

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  • When I was talking with the clerk ringing me out about it…she gave the new box free of charge. Told me if ever you are unhappy with an item for freshness…bring it back they will exchange it. I too, a customer for life! Reply 56 Ken June 15, at



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