bed cot furniture in kerala Bed cot furniture in kerala

Solid Wood Vipul Enterprises Furniture forms an important part of our lives and our households.

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Our identity is incomplete without the furniture at home and office. Today, modern furniture is mostly made using compressed wood or plywood. Traditionally our carpenters have used solid wood without much processing or industrial alteration to make furniture.

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  • Despite various synthetic alternatives Indian households still prefer solid wood furniture because of their durability, artistic value they support fine carvings and reparability. There are two main classifications — Hardwood and Softwood, based on their strength and it determined by its wood density.

    We have listed below 10 most useful timbers used for making furniture in India. Teak Wood Scientific name: Deep yellow to dark brown Density: Central India and Southern India Moderately hard, teak is durable and fire-resistant. It can be easily seasoned and worked.

    It takes up a good polish and is not attacked by white ants and dry rot. It does not corrode iron fastenings and it shrinks little. It is among the most valuable timber trees of the world and its use is limited to superior work only. Mnemosine Sissoo Wood Scientific name: It is durable and handsome and it maintains its shape well. It can be easily seasoned. It is difficult to work but it takes a fine polish.

    Y our happiness is our reward. The wood used for furniture in India is based on its availability, durability to stand varying weather conditions and also, the kind of furniture it is being used for -- indoor or outdoor.

    It is used for high quality furniture, plywoods, bridge piles, sport goods, railway sleepers and so forth. It is a very good material for decorative works. Central and Southern India It is very hard and durable.

    bed cot furniture in kerala Bed cot furniture in kerala

    It is close grained. It is used for furniture and other ornamental works. Vulnerable Sal Wood Scientific name: It does not take up a good polish. It requires slow and careful seasoning.

    It is durable underground and water. It is used for railway sleepers, shipbuilding, and bridges. It is a handsome wood that takes up a high polish. It maintains its shape well and is available in large sizes.

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  • It is used for furniture of superior quality, cabinet work, ornamental carvings and so forth. Vulnerable Pine Wood Scientific name: Pine wood is hard and tough except white pine which is soft. It decays easily if it comes into contact with soil. It is heavy and coarse grained. It is used for pattern making, frames for doors and windows, and for paving material.

    Your TV unit or TV stand needs to look attractive. Our futuristic design products converts your home in to a new age appearance and those who love surrounding themselves with authentic furniture which is made more precious with the passing of time cannot forget us any more.

    White pine is light and straight grained and is used in the manufacture of matches. Mulberry Wood Scientific name: Punjab It is strong, tough and elastic.

    It takes up a clean finish.

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  • It can be well seasoned. It is turned and carved easily. Mulberry is typically used for baskets and sports goods like hockey sticks, tennis rackets and cricket bats. Mahogany Wood Scientific name: It is durable under water. It is most commonly used for furniture, pattern making and cabinet work.

    Jack Wood Scientific name: It is moderately strong and easy to work. It takes a good finish and maintains its shape well. It has many uses including plain furniture, boat construction, well curbs, door panels, cabinet making and musical instruments. Thamizhpparithi Maari Deodar Wood Scientific name: Himalayas, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh Deodar is the most important timber tree providing soft wood.

    It can be easily worked and it is moderately strong. It possesses distinct annual rings. It is used for making cheap furniture, railway carriages, railway sleepers, packing boxes, structural work and so forth.

    Throughout India, especially Assam and Bengal Not actually a tree, but a woody grass, it is flexible, very strong and durable. It is used for scaffoldings, thatched roofs, rafters, temporary bridges, and so forth.



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