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Share on WhatsApp A sleep training technique that works for many babies is the gradual retreat technique. It's a more gentle approach to baby sleep training. Why not see if it works for you? As part of our pages on sleep training techniques, here we focus on the disappearing chair - or gradual retreat - approach to sleep training your baby.

This sees you gradually reducing your involvement in your child falling asleep so she stops relying on you and instead learns to fall asleep on her own. According to NHS guidelines, the gradual retreat method is suitable for babies six months or older. You can also use it for your toddler if she is having problems falling asleep or staying asleep. All you need to get started is a chair or cushion to sit on in your baby's room.

cot bed for sale at game Cot bed for sale at game

Your browser cannot play this video. Disappearing chair or gradual retreat - how to do it Before you start the disappearing chair - or gradual retreat - sleep training , it's important to make sure your baby has a consistent bedtime and a calming bedtime routine.

You should also always put your baby down when she is drowsy, rather than already asleep. Here are her sleepy cues to watch out for. The seven steps of gradual retreat Try to avoid eye contact. As before, try to avoid eye contact.

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  • It can take a good 10 minutes for them to fall into a deeper sleep so that you can leave without waking them. After you have moved your chair or cushion a few times you will find yourself outside your child's room. By this stage your child should - fingers crossed - be settled. However bear in mind this approach can take a while so patience is key. Also, have a blanket with you as you might get cold sitting on the floor and your Kindle so you've got something to read!

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    An alternative take on this approach is rather than moving your chair further away from your baby's cot each time, you stay in one position until your baby settles fully to sleep. The following night you move your chair or cushion a bit further away from her cot, and again a bit further away on night three. Do this each night until you end up outside her bedroom door.

    cot bed for sale at game Cot bed for sale at game

    The 'kissing game' sleep training - how to do it Similar in approach to the gradual retreat method, this sleep training approach is particularly suited to children aged between six months and 2 years, though it can also be used for older children.

    As before, have a consistent bedtime and a calming bedtime routine. Also, always put your little one down when she is drowsy but awake.

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  • The 10 steps for the 'kissing game' sleep training are Help her back into bed and give her a kiss. Be warned, this approach takes A LOT of energy and time.

    Turn this into a game you can both play. Sit your baby in a bouncy chair or car seat and blow bubbles around her.

    It may take about three hours for your child to settle off to sleep, and you may need to give kisses in one night. Our health visitors and nursery nurses are on line Monday to Friday evenings to answer your queries on feeding, sleep and child health.

    As a dangerous situation spirals into catastrophe, is there anybody he can trust? It's a more gentle approach to baby sleep training. If he gets no attention for getting out of bed he'll just get back in and go to sleep.



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