oval baby cot Oval baby cot

The oval shape is a naturally nurturing one, and because of its smaller footprint, can be amazing for small nursery spaces. Doing your research on all things baby is a monumental task. Before choosing any crib, make sure you are buying new, from a reputable manufacturer, and that the design you are interested in meets or exceeds all current safety guidelines.

oval baby cot Oval baby cot

Style, design, price, timeframe, size are all factors in that choice. There are many options of oval baby cribs on the market. You will find everything from super modern plastic designs, to over the top four poster versions that positively drip in bedding. An oval baby crib is a non- traditional choice, but offers many advantages.

For example, with no corners, a round crib is arguably a safer option in the nursery. And, as we already outlined, they tend to take up less space than a typical standard rectangular crib. An oval crib is a great option if you are setting up a twins room, and space is a concern. Because oval baby cribs tend to be symmetrical, they are a perfect choice if you wish to float your crib in the middle of the room.

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  • This makes for a beautiful nursery layout and definitely puts the focus on the crib. An oval baby crib makes a definite design statement. It will definitely set your nursery apart from the masses. Bratt Decor offers two styles of oval baby cribs, each boasting their own unique charms. The Chelsea Darling oval baby crib is beyond elegant. It has been the top choice for style makers everywhere, including Grammy award winner, singer-songwriter, Ciara.

    Ciara created a beautiful all white nursery which featured our Chelsea darling oval crib in white, all white oval baby bedding, urban sheepskin rug, and St. Regis glider and ottoman in white. The result was a plush, clean, elegant nursery that exuded timeless sophistication, but with an unexpected twist because it featured an oval baby bed.

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    The The beauty of this design, is in its beautiful in laid carving which features a wheat and vine motif. The Chelsea Darling oval baby crib is way beyond a crib. It features ultimate convertibility and is more accurately referred to as an oval sleep system. With this oval baby bed, you actually get three baby beds in one.

    The cradle features a closed design, shutting out light and sound, and cocooning your baby completely in beauty. This first baby bed is so sophisticated and sweet and is included in the price of the crib.

    Cot beds Cot beds are longer and wider than standard cots. Cons Not really a money-saver if you plan to have another baby soon, as you will need to buy another cot.

    And, before you know it, your growing baby will be ready for a toddler bed. Opt for this valuable addition and transition your oval baby crib into a gorgeous oval toddler bed.

    oval baby cot Oval baby cot

    It is guaranteed to keep your baby surrounded in style and sophistication from birth throughout the toddler years.

    A wonderful advantage to the Chelsea darling is all of the amazing pieces to be found in this collection.

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  • You can carry the Chelsea elegance throughout your entire nursery for a very consistent look. Chelsea darling oval baby crib is available in distressed white, distressed black and antique silver.

    Each finish creates a very different result. The antique silver positively shimmers, and can look more gold, or more silver depending upon the light. The white finish, is pure, simple and sweet. While the black, is so sophisticated, bold and contemporary. This heirloom, iron oval baby crib is offers a simpler beauty. With this design, you get all of the benefits of an iron baby crib, which is impervious to splintering, swelling, and cracking. It starts out as an adorable baby cradle and grows into a beautiful crib, both of which are part of the original price of the crib.

    This sublime oval baby crib is available in four distinct and beautiful finishes: Pair this crib with any of our case goods and create a sense of eclectic elegance.

    Pair with Chelsea pieces and get a super sophisticated room. Pair with either of our Hampton changers or Hampton armoire, and get a more rustic luxury. Always take care when storing your cribs between use. Store in an environment that is climate controlled.

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  • Dampness can cause wood to swell and metal to rust. If properly cared for and stored, your Bratt Decor oval baby crib should last for many years to come.



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