kids baby cot Kids baby cot

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Even the slightest details are a synonym of beauty to Suommo. Standards for folding infant beds exist for Australia and New Zealand, [13] Europe [8] and international [10] adopted by various organisations including the American National Standards Institute. Children with an Italian document must have one of the following documents:

More about diamonds, precious metals and engraving. The Craftsmanship Of The Future Craftsmanship with contemporary design As times change and technologies evolve, needs become different. However, regardless of how complex and changing the world may turn out to be, nothing will ever surpass the beauty we experience through craftsmanship. The hands of artisans are eternally the best tool to express passion for what we do. In Suommo, craftsmanship and design converge to reach perfect beauty.

The finest Spanish handcraftmanship reminds us that, it is only with patience, hours of dedication and absolute concern for details, that excellence may be achieved. Exclusivity and distinction, two of our most reputed characteristics over the years, come through our contemporary design. Bedding Champagne Silk A glamorous gift for your little dreamer. Her precious face lays upon your chest; as you whisper a sweet melody and softly kiss her delicate cheek, her little eyes begin to close, slowly.

With the greatest care, you place her into the crib of her dreams and see how placidly she sleeps. Champagne Silk bedding is, without doubt, the most beautiful dream you can imagine.

Convertible cot designs - furniture design minure Deco Drawings bed nursery furniture minure classic look, but elegant. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to friends and family in the future.

Pima cotton and natural wild silk will surround her, in this magnificent baby crib. This special cotton, carefully grown and collected, is bright and smooth, as only silk, the finest fabric in existence, can be. This luxurious embrace will watch over her, as she slumbers in golden nuances, crafted by the most expert hands. The Collection is composed of the eco-breath mattress, featuring a micro-ventilated membrane, two hand-made natural silk sheets, a Pima cotton non-feather duvet, a padded perimeter bumper guard and a pillow.

All the components of this delicate set are water-resistant, dermatologically friendly and antibacterial. Our premium quality offers astonishing comfort, safety and elegance, with a silky touch, her delicate skin will surely appreciate. Bedding Golden Line The most exclusive gold yarn baby bedding Wrap your baby up in precious, hand-made details, with luxury and protection. Even the slightest details are a synonym of beauty to Suommo.

The most exclusive gold yarn is present in our baby cot bedding, echoing the style originating from the traditional dress in the Valencian Community, during the sixteenth century.

We at Suommo, share the special emotions and appreciation of luxury that only those caring about the most important things in life feel. That is why our design cots are dressed with only the highest quality materials; natural wild silk, together with Pima cotton and gold yarn embroidery, of the kind used in traditional ladies clothing in Spain.

kids baby cot Kids baby cot

Golden Line Bedding is a collection where only the purest and most delicate materials provide impeccable finishes for our cot bedding, which makes you dream sweetly.

Everyone would like to sleep in the clouds, but only a privileged few have the chance. It is for them, that we design and create our concept of rest, inspired by perfect sleep, happiness, safety, calm, comfort and elegance. All of our products are designed to facilitate sleeping in the clouds and are manufactured with the best possible combination of the finest raw materials, all free of toxic substances. Their hypoallergenic seams have been developed through ultrasound frequencies, which repel dust and germs.

Hygiene and safety also play an important role in a superior quality rest experience.

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  • That is why our organic cotton mattresses and pillows meet the highest firmness standards and are made using flame retardant and hydrofuged materials. All items are embraced by a soft stretch fabric casing, featuring a special aloe vera process, which helps your baby achieve perfect sleep.

    Aloe vera is a highly appreciated plant, which has proven to be extremely beneficial for skin. When applied to tissues, aloe vera becomes a natural therapy in itself, not only because of its antibacterial and anti-allergic properties but also because of its supreme permeability; an earthly gift for heavenly rest, your baby will undoubtedly sleep as soundly as in a cloud.

    Changing mats Premium care, by Suommo. With tenderness in your hands, you delicately smooth the aromatic lotion that your baby loves so much. The smile on her face, when you sweetly caress her soft, little feet is priceless. Far from being everyday actions, these are truly nurturing and loving acts, which make those special moments you share so warm and special.

    Observing the magical kind of care that only a mother can provide, led us to define a new concept in cleanliness. Our diaper changing tables swaddle this incredibly sensory experience in comfort and calm. The cosy, soft premium filling will make your baby feel at home and the cover is available in three different finishes: Any of there will make your baby feel as though they are wrapped up in cotton wool.

    The delicate contours of this cushioning are wrapped in natural silk, greatly appreciated in haute couture for its extraordinary properties. We use only the finest and refined raw materials to bring you cleanliness that delights the senses. Dodo bassinet Wheels Take your baby with you, wherever you go When we created Dodo, one of our top priorities was to design a crib with the highest levels of comfort, appearance and functionality.

    One of the most important elements to achieve excellent functionality, is wheels.

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    When developing Dodo, innovation was present from the very first step. That is why these design wheels provide excellent performance and comfort, compared to other wheels on the market. Excellent quality materials provide aesthetic design and vision and make them especially comfortable, on any surface. These luxury wheels feature a rotating movement, which will allow you to easily and safely move your Dodo in all directions. Each one of the wheels features an independent braking system, thus providing total control under any circumstances.

    Moreover, the four wheels can be blocked simultaneously, for greater safety. Robust endurance meets perfectly with Italian design resulting in the subtle and elegant Dodo Bassinet Wheels; both concepts become one, merging the paradigms of mobility and style.

    Custom Wheels The pure essence of your baby. Thanks to its advanced rotatory system, you control movement, at every single step. Everything becomes more comfortable and reliable, as carefully selected, high quality materials, provide high performance on all surfaces.

    Adaptability and balance offer you the stability you need at all times. Our excellence peaked by making movement beautiful. Soft wheels The world can be lighter. This version, featuring smaller wheels, is the pure expression of lightweight. These design wheels are captivating, not only for their beauty, but also for their high performance.

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  • Any movement becomes magical with their revolutionary vacuum system. This set of wheels has been awarded the most prestigious of prizes and has become the first option, when it comes to absolute freedom of movement; an absolutely innovative concept of movement, revealing a much lighter universe.



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