cot bed baby furniture Cot bed baby furniture

What types of baby cots are available?

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There are several styles of cots available, including sleigh cot beds, space saver cots and folding cot beds with mattresses, so choose what will make you the most comfortable in terms of the care of your baby. Here are some of the most common types of cribs: These tend to be less expensive than other options. These cot beds have the ability to convert into beds once your baby is old enough for the transition.

Here at Childrens Bed Shop we have everything from attractive baby cots, practical changing stations and wardrobes to stunning convertible cots that transform into a first toddler bed and other fabulous pieces of furniture, so you can have their bedroom ready for when your child grows. Whilst the sister brand, Gami, concentrates their attention on stylish and creative furniture suitable for older children, the Galipette brand is strongly focussed on designing and producing gorgeous and practical nursery furniture for your precious little one.

These can be a good investment and last you into the future. True to their name, these cribs are round in shape, allowing the baby a full view of his or her surroundings. In addition to the crib, you may need to purchase a specific mattress and bedding to fit the round shape. How do I know if the crib is safe for my baby?

cot bed baby furniture Cot bed baby furniture

This is by all means the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a cot. Refer to the following points to be sure the cot will be a safe haven for your baby: Shake the baby cot bed to ensure its stability. If it wobbles, you may want to pass.

You can avoid interest by paying the cash price in full within the payment free period. Every aspect of the Sleepy Baby Cot is thoughtfully considered, making it the perfect choice for the nursery of a parent who demands perfection.

Should I purchase a baby cot with an adjustable mattress height? This can be helpful for reaching in and picking up your baby, but be sure you adjust the mattress at the appropriate time. Where should I put the cot? Avoid places near window blinds and near shelving with small gadgets or trinkets.

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  • What size baby cot bed should I get? Cots vary in sizes, with convertible cots usually being slightly larger than standard cots. Generally we believe the larger the better when it comes to cots as your baby will be able to use it for longer, but this will depend on the space you have available.

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  • Be sure to browse our other beautiful nursery furniture , too.



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